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Earth Guardians Stand Up

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Prophecy has said, "And, at the End of Days, the first sign shall appear in the Heavens. Justice shall fall upon the world of men. The armies of Light and Shadow shall clash across the fields of eternity."

And the collective consciousness hasn't gotten the message we continue to hold fear, hate and separation when we are beings of love and this causes us to vibrate in disharmony. It's one thing if it's just one person but our country hasn't healed from any of the trauma the collective has experienced. Look at President Kennedy for instance. We didn't ban together from a place of love to see that fear of change brought such a level of disharmony to a powerful group of people that whoever they are felt they had no other choice but to eliminate the greatest president to ever live.

Instead of pointing fingers and starting conspiracy and wars with each other, We could have looked Within ourselves to find our own fears of change and tended to that part within as we would a child in pain so again and again our country experiences things like Columbine, The Oklahoma City bombing, leading us to 9/11 that ultimately was the Catalyst for mother nature to take the reins triggering the Tsunamis and the hurricanes. We attempt to fight the pain away bringing that disharmony to grow and grow to overwhelming levels like now and mother Gaia is just ridding herself of the toxic energy.

As a society we've been living for so long in the emotional Dark Age, disconnected from our internal guidance system and detached from the world around us. As the planet shifted into the golden age, people start to awaken, they searched for solutions to solve what they know is not working but felt powerless, as just one person to change the world.

The only way this destruction will ease up is if we all release the fear, hate, and illusions of separation to allow our hearts to open with the willingness to find compassion for all that we have deemed as against us. Shifting our focus to look for how every thing that causes us pain and destruction is only trying to help us in some way because this universe and our bodies are never against us they are only trying to help us get what we want but are unwilling to see or go for directly.

We have to stop looking for an outside source to do the work for us because the universe doesn't feel things as painful or see things as good and bad. It feels your vibration and your desire and finds the quickest way to bring it to you. We didn't come here to be punished and suffer. Transmutation of the lower densities is upon us now and mother nature is purging these energies from her planet. The only way for safety is to do the same inside of your own being. Then you will be divinely protected because your frequency will be in alignment with the earth leaving her no need to purge your disharmony for you. Lower densities of fear, hate, and the illusion of separation causes your frequency to vibrate in disharmony, it doesn't serve you and to mother Gaia our disharmony feels like food poisoning that she needs to purge. Rid disharmony from your vibration and she won't need to purge so violently.

The time is now. Release the fear of pain and open your heart fully and completely knowing you are safe and you are protected. Remember What you came to bring this world and stand for Love, Peace and Harmony for all that is. We are an interconnected universe if you feel like something or someone is against you, remember that is you and find how you can show love and compassion to that outer reflection of the vibrational frequency you hold deep inside. If you think the elements are against you try to understand you've been asking for an outside source to bring the change forgetting to change within and now that mother nature is bringing the change for us we make it the enemy.

Choose to lead the change within honor the fear wanting to keep you safe but the thing that once kept you safe is now causing more destruction. Release all that no longer serves all that is into the earth to be transformed allowing love to fill the open spaces that remain, knowing that you are safe, that you are love & loved, and that we hold the power to shift the winds, calm the sea, and put out the fire, by uniting as one love for all that is.  

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