Negative Core Beliefs negatively impact every aspect of your life. We created false  identities around these negative core beliefs and therefore aren't living authentically holding onto these beliefs. I've found that every person struggles or will  overcome in the course of their life with 1 to 3 Fatal negative core beliefs. 1. I am not enough. (Every addiction stems from this belief) 2. What is available to everyone else isn't available to me. 3. I'm so different than  everyone else that I can not connect to anyone, and if I can't connect I can't survive since finding connection is rooted in our survival instincts. 
In this course I will teach you how to heal theses beliefs and integrate your truth. Each class will be tailor made for the students involved but here's a brief overview of what we cover.
• Week 1
Identify Your current blocks and heal the root causes of your ailments, issues, or Illnesses.
• Week 2
Find and change core beliefs. Releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Increase your energy flow. Finding Your Truth
• Week 3
Speaking Your Truth with healthy boundaries. This week we will discover our boundaries our sense of self and learning how to speak our truth without needing to fight for it.
• Week 4
How to trust and develop your intuition. Find what motivates you. Let go of planning for the future and start living fully mindfully in the here and now. Finding a healthy source of stimulation. Following your joy.

Detox Negative Core Beliefs 4 Week Course

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