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Online and in person

RSVP Shakti Dance & Tantra Touch- Path to Living an Orgasmic Life (Level 1)

Join me as we dance our way through 7 levels of intimacy and learn how to live an Orgasmic Life.

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RSVP Shakti Dance & Tantra Touch- Path to Living an Orgasmic Life (Level 1)
RSVP Shakti Dance & Tantra Touch- Path to Living an Orgasmic Life (Level 1)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online and in person

About the event

Shakti Dance & Tantra Touch- Path To Living an Orgasmic Life  LEVEL 1 

 Do you want to live an authentic life that truly lights you up?  Are you ready to awaken the Shakti Goddess within? This is a source of power, wisdom, and healing that exists within you that you can tap into anytime you want. It is the rocket fuel that drives your entire life.   This Divine Feminine Sexual energy resides in your amazing body, specifically, in your pelvis, belly, hips, and sacrum. This eternal wisdom, or Shakti, is the expression of life's sensual essence -- and it is moving through you always. It has the power to remove blocked energy that is making you sick and revive parts of you that are asleep. In this unique and powerful course, I'm going to show you how to awaken it -- and let it flow!  

The result? Deep and lasting breakthroughs in your relationship with yourself that awaken you to who you truly are and empower you to live an Orgasmic Life.  This will also improve your relationships with others as you will be showing up in those relationships with more of who you truly are. 

During this course we will heal through the chakras, allowing us to breakthrough all of the barriers of connection to allow deeper levels of intimacy.   

Who will benefit: The Whole World. As Feminine energy is what makes the world go round, when we heal ourselves and tap into the Truth of who we are, we heal the entire planet. You will benefit from this course on every level of your life not to mention your partner will benefit in getting to experience you in your Divine Feminine power. And of course, your sex life will benefit as you awaken your Shakti and break through the barriers of connection. You will experience more levels of satisfaction in the bedroom that will extend to every level of your life.   

Tantra Touch is designed to be the fastest, easiest ways to enjoy the power of Tantra. And it’s one of the most rewarding steps you’ll ever take in your quest for a thrilling and fulfilling Orgasmic Life that you Love.    Since chakras are powerful elements governing our sexual destiny, and they are the foundation of our development I've created a process that integrates Shakti Dance and Tantra touch into a 7-week course to unlock your magnetism and bliss states to empower you to live an Orgasmic Life.  

In this course we will focus on one chakra per week learning how to unblock and open them. You’ll clear and strengthen your chakras to finally embody your full sexual self. 

 Highlights include:


 • The 7 chakras and levels of intimacy. Exercise to identify energetic blocks in the body

 • Healing your chakras using sexual energy 

• 2 major type of imbalances — Hyper and Hypo and how to find balance 

• Tantric secret for circulating your sexual energy through the chakras and full body orgasms

 • Metaphysics of Tantra

 • KISS Meditation

 • Kundalini Energy and how it moves through the chakras. 

• Root Down - Establishing a Balanced Base

 • Free Flow - Allowing and Letting Go

 • Power Up - Feeling the fire within

 • Open and Receive - Letting the Heart Expand 

• Express Your Truth - Using Words and Affirmations to Invoke states of Consciousness  

• See Your Dreams - Visualize to Realize ( Sanculpa Meditation )  

• Blossom into You - Let Your Shakti Shine  

Through Shakti Dance and Tantra Touch you’re empowered with exhilarating yet easy-to-follow tools and principles that you can instantly apply in your busy life to start magnetizing the life you truly desire.   May the activating frequencies and ancient wisdom I share here, stir a deep remembrance of who you are, and awaken the beauty you embody and empower you to Live an Orgasmic Life.   

See You On The Other Side.


~Kendra Divine Purpose Mentor & Divine Mother Ministry ~

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