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About Kendra

My name is Kendra and I'm The Divine Purpose Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and Metaphysician.

Are you tired of living a mediocre unfulfilling life?

Are you struggling to get out of bed feeling like every new day is like your living groundhog day?

Are you having trouble in relationships and really wanting to just connect deeply with someone but you're losing hope that it exists for you? 

A different job... a different spouse... Being able to drink more... Eat more... Going on more vacations.... 


Most of us think a better life is about creating something 

different in our life. But how many times have you changed 

the THINGS in your life and found that life wasn't better... 

it was just DIFFERENT. 


That's because having a better life-one that makes you 

excited about waking up every single day-doesn't start by 

changing what's around you. Having a better life starts with 

having better EMOTIONS. 


I know that I can help you heal and live a purposeful life. Contact me to capitalize on this amazing energy we have available to us at this time to heal and clear the negative imprints at a core level.

Our Mentors Create

A Safe Haven For Loving Transformations

To end suffering, we must bring it back to Unity consciousness but, before we can do that, we first must heal the deep woundings that are Ingrained In our DNA Lineage.


If we ever want to peacefully cohabitate with one another in harmony, without triggers and stuck trauma holding us in patterns and cycles that have destroyed us, causing us to fight the outside reflection without understanding of the mere reflection. If you're ready to join me on this healing journey, if you're tired of suffering, if you're tired of the way things are, then I invite you to contact me today, and I will gracefully guide your body back into a state of purity, free from what no longer serves your journey.

My name is Kendra and I'm a Divine Purpose Mentor and spiritual teacher and intuitive. I use my extra sensory abilities and the metaphysical anatomy process to help align you with your higher self by healing trauma from your past, and finding and following your joy to see your gifts you came here to give.

I'm a guardian of safe space for you to heal and find your own truth with confident power to stand in that without needing to fight for it.

Are you wanting to uncover what's holding you back in life? What's keeping from living your true potential, do you feel like something is missing in your life and you just can't seem to figure out on your own?

I invite you to allow me to wake up your mind body and spirit to its natural state of being. You are not fated to your genetics, you're hear to heal your DNA lineages, not fall victim to them. What is stopping you from being the fullest expression of your true, authentic self? The time is now, so Be the change!

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Our Mentors

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Kendra Divine Purpose Mentor

Kendra Mattingly Divine Purpose Mentor 

Founder & President,Trauma Release Practitioner, Life Coach, Corporate Adviser, Life Purpose Mentor, Spiritual Teacher

Hi Everyone I am Kendra the Divine Purpose Mentor, and spiritual teacher.

I'm here to facilitate healing from trauma you've experienced in your life, spiritual growth and development, and life purpose alignment. My purpose here on earth is a guardian of safe space for healing and growth to align you to your higher self to bring the collective to unity consciousness in harmony, to co-create heaven on earth.

What people are saying about our Mentors...

I had an awesome session with Kendra. She told me things I did not even realize myself and the messages she gave me, I needed to hear. On point...and very informative. Such a kind and beautiful soul sharing her amazing reassurance and healing messages...Thank you Kendra!...Love & Light!
-Maryann LaSala 



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