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Life Mentor

Find Your Life Purpose, Relationship/Career/Family/Money​/Balance

/Health, Mind Body​ & Spirit, Healthy Communication/ Boundaries/ Manifestation​

How grateful would you say you are? Did you know that your gratitude level can directly affect your wealth and happiness? Now, that may sound strange but I’ve seen it time and time again in my work with clients. I have guided many clients, I felt displayed a need for gratitude, to bring about positive change in their lives. And, I’m happy to say, those who took my advice to heart have reported a positive shift in their lives, and a boost in the things they view as good, including increased wealth.

Even financial experts and abundance speakers agree that gratitude is a vital component for increasing wealth and success. This basic premise of gratitude is to acquire a more positive and receptive state of being. Here is how it actually works. Begin by being grateful for the smaller and more-immediate things like having a place to live, food to eat, and a car to get around, etc. By placing yourself in a positive frame of mind through gratitude, you open yourself to all the good things the universe has to offer.

This is when you actually begin to attract good things to you. And, as you become more comfortable with the positive things that basic gratitude brings, you will likely find yourself feeling grateful for even-bigger things like being alive, learning hard lessons, your past mistakes, the freedom to make choices in life, and more. This type of gratitude catapults you even further along the path to a successful and happy life. That’s because you begin to lose your fear of change or loss, and you begin to develop a deep appreciation for the exciting adventure that life truly is.

Once you reach the point where you remain in a constant state of gratitude, you will become a magnet that attracts the positive things to you . . . the things that resonate with who you are and what you desire to do with your life.

So if you're ready for change, contact me, Kendra The Divine Purpose Mentor, and let's get started!

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


6 Weeks To Live Your Life Purpose

1. How to strengthen your personal foundation 
2. How to attract whatever you want without really trying
3. How to let go of the future and live mindfully and richly now
4. To understand and respect what motivates you
5. How to trust your whims and experiment continuously
6. To evolve from what occurs
7. Increase your energy so you can do all the things you want to do
8. Find healthy sources of stimulation for your life
9. How to maintain what you have before you expand
10. How to let go of limiting beliefs blocking your success
11. How to carve out your own reality and create the life you’ve always wanted
12. Create or attract the financial success and true wealth that you desire
13. Have more time to enjoy life now
14. Increase your effectiveness and productivity

You’ll receive weekly life purpose coaching assignments, have full access to our members only File Box full of valuable audios, coaching programs and webinars, interaction with a community of like-minded people in the members only weekly buddy calls, as well as the huge benefit of the live group Coaching webinars, where you can receive on-the-spot coaching with Kendra And her team of coaches.

This course will change your life. 

• Week 1
Identify Your current blocks and heal the root causes of your ailments, issues, or Illnesses. 
• Week 2
Find and change core beliefs. Releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Increase your energy flow.
• Week 3
Find what motivates you. Let go of planning for the future and start living fully mindfully in the here and now. Finding a healthy source of stimulation. 
• Week 4
How to trust and develop your intuition. How to trust your gut instincts to follow the flow of abundance. 
• Week 5
How to manifest the life you desire, attract what you want without really trying. How to have more time to enjoy your life right now.
• Week 6
Strengthening your core foundation your fundamental core values and gracefully step into your power and life purpose.

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