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My Awakening

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

My name is Kendra and I'm The Divine Purpose Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and Metaphysician. So what does that mean? Well, I was born with a heighten range of sensitivity and extra senses.

My Lupus Diagnosis

I see the vibrational frequency of everything around me. After years of looking at these senses as something that had gone wrong with me, living in the shadows in depression experiencing complex trauma throughout my life, I got to a point where life was just to painful to continue the way I had been going. I hit an all time low when I was diagnosed with Lupus. I had made my mind an enemy for the majority of my life, and now my body started to believe my mind as well, so my body started to painfully attack it's self.

My immune system was attacking all of my organs, tissues, and my joints were degenerating. I was in so much physical pain everyday, it became hard to walk without my knees wrapped, my hands would lose function without pressure on my wrists, it was hard to do anything, especially with a 1 year old baby girl on my own. I'd always been a very high frequency being(my vibrational frequency vibrates very fast, I process information very quickly, I'm very hyper active, and I'm incredibly intense) yet I couldn't get out of bed. I started to fear going to sleep, after going to bed after work on a Wednesday and not waking up until Sunday night. I felt completely powerless to my body and didn't trust my ability to do something as simple as wake up in the morning. I felt hopeless, all I wanted was for the pain to stop. I couldn't even remember what an absence of pain felt like. I found myself in the hospital with hypoplastic kidney syndrome, my body was just done fighting, and was shutting down. I realized the severity of my health, when the doctor took my mom outside the room to give her information on my condition, with my mother's background in trauma medicine, it was very rare to see her get upset over medical ailments. The doctor spoke a few words and instantly my mother was belligerently crying. To see her like that, was a complete shock to me. I'd never seen her show genuine care for my life. I knew, the doctor said I was dying with her reaction. I'd finally achieved something really being wrong with me, and now if I didn't change my mind I was going to die.

My Healing Journey Begins

That's when something in me switched. I thought no I don't want to die I just want her to love me, and I could see now that she did. I remembered dropping into my body going inside my kidneys releasing all of the tied up energy and I could feel my consciousness talking to my kidneys. Then one by one all of my other organs, as weird as that sounds it actually worked. Intuitively I knew to do it like this for a reason. While talking to my body I realized my illness was a secondary gain I'd manifested to receive love and validation from my mother.

All I really wanted was to be taken care of by her and shown love not be sick or die. Once I saw her cry at the potential of losing me, I knew that she actually loved me and I no longer needed to be ill to know if she loved me or not. My missing experience/ need was met and I felt released. I worked on my organs, and then my joints and my skin, allowing myself to release all the stress and tension in my body and within minutes I felt healed. I asked to be taken off the IV's and monitor's. I was ready to go home.

The nurses thought I'd lost my mind, and the doctor insisted to run tests before he'd sign the release paperwork to go home. I agreed and totally assured them that I had just healed myself and my kidneys would be completely healthy. Sure enough a couple hours later the tests came back with a clean bill of health without even a trace of the trauma in or around my kidneys. The doctor was beside himself and disappeared quickly after telling me the good news. The nurses had very confused looks and apprehension, but they got me checked out and allowed me to go home. From that moment on, I started to see the world from a new perspective, I started to see what was perceived as being a disability, could actually be used as an abilities that I could give to the world that is suffering. Finally all of the trauma, abuse, illness, loss and suffering that I'd experienced in my life had a purpose. It was the experienced I needed in order to understand fully what it feels like to suffer. It's the darkness I needed to feel comfortable in, so I could navigate through it with other's, to facilitate healing leading them into the light. It's natural for you to feel lost living in a society with so many contradictions, judgments, and false projections that can becoming our identities if we don't heal, take our power back and live our own truth.

Let's talk Metaphysics

So now that you know a little about me let's talk about metaphysics. Metaphysics, literally means “that which comes after the physical,” is the study of the spiritual root of physical life. In this way, metaphysics shares similar goals with other studies such as general spirituality, theology, philosophy, mysticism, theosophy, and ontology. This sacred undertaking follows a global tradition that goes back to time immemorial and is making a strong resurgence now. As a metaphysician, I believe we are immortal souls, seeds of the divine who are created and sustained in love by God. This is our true nature. It is our soul that gives us our life and our consciousness. To achieve its full power and wonder, each soul must go through the process of spiritual evolution, gradually maturing into a fully developed, divine being, ascending or self actualizing into Christ Consciousness.

The process of spiritual maturation can be likened to a seed planted in the ground. All the potential for the seed to become magnificent oak tree or beautiful rose is already held within the tiny seed. All that is needed are the right elements in which to grow, if nourished and undisturbed, the seed cannot help but become that amazing tree or flower. The soul of mankind is like a seed that God plants in the garden of creation.

All that is needed for the soul to grow is already contained in the core of the soul. To fulfill that potential, the soul must embark on a pilgrimage through creation where it unfolds, eventually making its way back, fully realized, to God.

If you're ready to heal and live your full potential contact me to get started. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive my loving energy .

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