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Message From Divine Mother

Divine Mother

March 24, 2021

The world you think you see, is all a story you have created to defend yourself against Love…..

Trust in God. Is GOD not Divine? Why do you doubt the Will of God made manifest in your life? Did We not make your mouth? Did We not give you eyes to see, ears to hear, a mouth to speak, and hands to hold? Why then do you doubt God’s function in your life? You think, then you see, and then you feel that you know only suffering. And then you call that suffering my Will. Oh, my dear sweet Holy Child, how your ego deceives you.

God cannot manifest in your life while you’re busy thinking you need to control your life. You have forgotten the Truth. You’ve grown cold and distant from me, in the darkness of your illusions. Surrender your ego's need to control. The how is not your job, the how is God's function! When you get busy trying to control the how, you leave no room for God's Light to Manifest Miracles in your life. Your job is to Love and follow the Light of God's Presence in your life. Surrender the little i of the ego’s illusions, to make room for the light to remind you of the truth. Allowing my Light to Birth the I AM Presence of God within you. Exhale, release, unwind, breathe, surrender, soften. You may grow uncomfortable in the stillness until you break through the Veil of the ego illusions. When you break through the Veil, surrendering the cross of crucifixion you Ascend to the Truth of God while you walk in physical form. You will feel the rush of comfort from my Presence descending upon you. You will see the Light of Grace pouring into you. And from that day forward, you will Hear my voice guiding you and you will Know the Truth.

For if you continue to lead yourself, dear one, you will continue to feel alone, finding nothing in this world to fulfill you, walking desperately lost in the darkness without light to see the truth and know my Presence within you. When you surrender your fight to go at it alone, and find yourself humbled down on your knees. Ask for help and allow my Presence to descend upon you. Ask God to give you a new way to see. For only when you are willing to surrender your suffering of the perception of separation, giving God all of what you thought you knew. That is when you will ask and be given the Light of my Presence within you. For only then will you turn around to witness my Presence shining a Way, leading you out of the Darkness and Into the Light of My Embrace.

Knowing the Truth starts by surrendering everything you thought you knew!

When will you stop giving in to the self-abusive nature? When your function is to hear me made manifest in your life you will not be led astray. While you continue to beat yourself up, you continue to walk deeper into darkness.

That's why they sent me to guide you but you have to surrender your fight to figure it out and lead yourself. Every day you will surrender more or you will fight to hold onto what is dying

~Divine Mother ~

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Good morning 🙏

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Peace, Love, & Blessings brothers & sisters! Amen! 🙏❤️✝️

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