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Metaphysical Anatomy Process

Metaphysical Anatomy Process

Metaphysical Anatomy is a trauma release personal development process. This could include physical, emotional or environmental trauma that is stored in the body unless completed and is the ultimate cause of most human problems.


What makes Metaphysical Anatomy different than other trauma therapies is that you are not require to talk about or re-experience trauma in order to resolve it.


In fact, a person can often resolve trauma easily through identifying its hidden benefit (known as secondary gain), without discussing the actual trauma. It is important to understand the significance of trauma and why unresolved trauma is significant and how it impacts a person’s wellbeing and emotional states. Trauma occurs when a person feels unsafe.


This unique technique was developed and research by Evette Rose, the author of the book Metaphysical Anatomy (Understanding the psycho-somatic causes of 679 medical conditions and the emotional, mental and physical ailments that stem from your ancestry, conception, birth and childhood.)


Sessions will be booked after payment. 


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