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My name is Kendra and I'm The Divine Purpose Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and Metaphysician.

As a metaphysician, I believe we are immortal souls; seeds of the divine who are created and sustained in love by God. This is our true nature.

It is our soul that gives us our life and our consciousness. To achieve its full power and wonder, each soul must go through the process of spiritual evolution, gradually maturing into a fully-developed divine being, ascending or self-actualizing into Christ Consciousness.


The process of spiritual maturation can be likened to a seed planted in the ground. All the potential for the seed to become a magnificent oak tree or beautiful rose is already held within the tiny seed. All that is needed is the right elements in which to grow. If nourished and undisturbed, the seed cannot help but become that amazing tree or flower.


The soul of mankind is like a seed that God plants in the garden of creation. All that is needed for the soul to grow is already contained in the core of the soul. To fulfill that potential, the soul must embark on a pilgrimage through creation where it unfolds, eventually making its way back, fully-realized, to God.

If you're ready to activate your gifts, complete your trauma cycle, and live your life purpose, let's get started. Book now and schedule a discovery session or select a mentorship package to catalyze your personal growth and evolution!

See You On The Other Side.

Love You All.

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Schedule a free 15-minute mini session

Would you like to join our Mentorship program? 
I talk more in detail about it in this video below. 

If you'd like to join, please let me know so I can send you a link to the room. I will be hosting three webinar groups per week to meet everyone's needs with different dates and times available. These weekly hour-long webinars will be to focus on specific areas and interests. I will be working individually with each person in the program to release trauma and remove the blocks that have been in the way of tapping into all of the resources available to you.

Through a weekly laser coaching call, I will help you target what goals and areas to focus on to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. The 3 weekly group webinars will each have a specific area of focus.

  1. Connection / Relationship / Communication /Conflict Resolution.

  2. Ascension / Awakening / Unity Consciousness. This class is everything esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual. 

  3. Life Purpose / Unique Gifts you came to share with this world. This is where we will discover life purpose through exploration of special interests and positive mirroring with partners in the group who you will explore your gifts with.


After finding your life purpose, I will help you harness all of your life experience and turn that into a vehicle to share your gifts with the world and live in alignment with your authentic truth. 

I'll see you on the other side.

I love you all and can't wait to work with each and every one of you!


So, if you're ready to awaken

to your true, authentic self,

 contact me

Kendra Divine Purpose Mentor,

and let's create the change

we wish to see in the world.



Genuine, compassionate guidance. Immediate connection of a super sensitive Lady that I felt very at ease with (I would generally shy away out of fear!) I was led to her, wasn't seeking this out. This is very new to me, I was gifted comfort and understanding with patience and reassurance!

Tony Jackson Cornwell

Kendra helped me so much so far, not only she helps you to reach your true potential, she also helps you understand what are you coming from and how handle things on current situation. Although, I have never met her in person (at least not yet), she became one of my close friends. Seriously guys, the guidance she provides, is amazing.

Krystyna Myronova





Kendra is so talented as well as radiates a beautiful energy. Any question I had was answered and was "spot on!!" I am so impressed by her kindness and caring. I look forward to speaking with her in the future for my needs as well as training. She is a very talented and spiritual person!

Judy Dana Kuta



Kendra is the real deal! I was delightfully surprised with her gifts and feel lucky to have found her. She can connect with your energy extremely well which may resort in some technical difficulties, hehe : ) But joke aside, I wish she gets to help even more people on their own journey <3

Elvira Nikova



Dear Kendra, thank you, I just love how you go about spreading your gift.  I think also from a business point you are doing everything right. At least from my view. You do it a little like Teal Swan to give out a lot for free and i know it will pay back. Your energy is amazing and I always get excited about your posts (doesn't happen often). Again, thank u for what u do. Continue spreading your gift. Lots of love.

Anne Marie

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