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Level 1: Divine Union Intake What you will receive with initial intake. During the intake we will find what you are looking for in a Divine partnership and discover what is standing in the way of that manifestation. From their I will identify what is needed to bring forth the highest and best outcome. During the intake you will receive either a healing realignment, activation or Initiation with Divine Union codes, depending on what is needed for your individual case. Level 2: = 6 weeks one on one After the intake you will have the option to work intensively with Kendra once a week for 6 weeks to move through and heal all of the blocks standing in the way of creating a harmonious Union. You will be added to a private group forum with others who are working towards Divine Union. Divine Counterparts will magnetically be drawn once we remove and heal all that's standing in the way. Counterparts will naturally be drawn to join the process as well or you will meet them in your daily lives. Now that you have been given the tools, resources, and healing necessary to allow these unions to blossom, bloom and flourish. (Level 2 can be repeated for those desiring more one on one support) Level 3 Matchmaker: Matching with others in the group or intake of potential new partner along with 3 additional couples sessions. · Matching you with another in the group that is in the highest alignment. · If you meet your Counterpart outside of the group the new partner will be provided an initial intake and 3 additional couples sessions. The three of us will work together for three weeks to set a beautiful foundation and start of your Divine Union. Level 4: Available for those who desire a Divine Union Ceremony.


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  • March 22, 2022


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